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IMDB has a detail page on this movie. Following is a movie review.

Tomb Raider the Movie is also a popular video game series.
The Move grossed: $274,644,183 world wide.

The movie opens to what seems a battle scene in some ancient Egyptian structure. Bewilderment strikes like an uncontrollable twitching eye as Lara proceeds to use live ammunition on what appears to be timeless artifacts of long ago. This continues until Lara retrieves what she was trying to get, then walks out the doorway which conveniently leads into her house. Dragging a severely damaged and reprogrammed robotic foe (Simon) with her, she delivers it to her technical assistant. Immediately her technical assistant, who is sitting in a high tech control center with numerous computers, seems caught by surprise. At which point we realize Lara was only practicing the destruction of priceless artifacts.

Mr. Powell and assistant Mr. Pimms are Lara's competing tomb raiders who apparently are working for the illuminati in order to retrieve some sort of key before the impending planetary alignment (one week). Lara mourns the passing of her father who apparently passed away prior to the film.

Lara Croft
Observing the stars during clear evening sky Lara notices the coming alignment. Finding it very unusual due to the fact it is a cyclical even that occurs every 5,000 years she comments on it with her butler. Showering before bed she struts her beautiful stuff in an uninhibited manner. Finally rolling into a vivid dreamy wrapping of her now deceased father, she meanders off.

She is awakened to the echoing of a ticking clock, which is emanating from some unknown location in the enormous mansion where she resides. It appears to counting down do the planetary alignment. In a dream, her father made reference to something she would find continently placed just in time for her to grow up and find it.

Finding it she discovers the All Seeing Eye is inside. Symbolized by a glowing or burning energy at the core of the "eye" (it is highly probable that they are referring to a CD/DVD drive otherwise known as an optical drive. Where writing a disk is referred to as "burning" it). A piece that appears to be some sort of exotic key. The item which Mr Powell is looking for.

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She then transports the "eye" to an antique dealer who pretends not to be able to help. Reversing his statement he calls her later and sends her to Mr. Powell moments before committing suicide. Mr. Powell, also, pretends to know "little about" it, but promptly breaks into Lara's house and steals it that night. In the ensuing action scene Lara show particular craftiness in finding way to fight back such as making a weapon out of a nail gun and screw driver. Despite her incredible show they are also skilled professional stealth agents in massive quantity.

On the following morrow, Lara is delivered a message from her father. Which is a message that was to be delivered upon his demise. The puzzle in the letter leads Lara to father's notes on the artifact (the eye). Notes which describe the historical background on the "eye" and the "sacred triangle" (used to control time). As well as leaving her another puzzle to the whereabouts of the triangles two "halves".

The triangle was split into two halves on opposite sides of the world in order to protect it from misuse. According to her father it had been misused previously. The pieces are hidden in space and time and can only be retrieved at specific stages of the alignment.

The puzzle of the first piece leads them to an old temple in the Cambodian jungle. Inside the temple they must unlock further secrets in order to retrieve the piece. Mr. Powell being very well funded is on site with legions of men trying to use the "front door" while Lara finds a secret drop around back. Powell sort of slacks on the work detail and seems to take the easy road while legions of grunts do heavy lifting.

Unlocking the first piece unleashes a dark liquid terror of ancient life. Who in turn brings to life the ancient stone statues and proceeds to attack everyone inside the temple. Particularly ridiculous the idea that the status would sever at every hinge in order to become limber enough to mobilize yet not fall to pieces. Lara escapes with the triangle piece while Mr. Powell escapes with the "eye" after a tremendous bit of action, including an enormous multi-faced statue monster.

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Lara and Powell arrange collaboration to attempt to complete the remainder of the puzzle of the triangle. Powell reveals he is working for the illuminati and that her father was as well. Something her father never told her. Powell wants the power of the triangle, the power of God, in order to transverse time. Another revelation that he is not really the one who was in charge nor is he particularly brilliant. He seems, however, moderately intelligent with a sort of field wisdom. Really, trying to correct that which the powers "that be" have brought about, shows either failure or some other navigators work was less than desirable.

The next piece of the triangle leads them to a Siberian "Dead Zone" where electronics do not work. Oddly energy is quite prevalent in the "Dead Zone", but the energy in the electrical devices does not work. They somehow find lights that work and the laser sights on the weaponry works fine. Of course they may not be "typical" lights, so ok.

Dog sledding into a cave they find an enormous old mechanical solar planetarium system. The mechanical device begins operation shortly after they arrive (a specified astronomically timed event). This where Lara (using the "eye" key) finds her way into the sun. Retrieving the second piece of the triangle, she returns. Mr. Powell kills the other members of the illuminati in order to complete the objective for himself.

One more thing is needed for the activation of the triangle at the specified time. Powell demands that Lara solve the issue, assuming she has already figured out the secret. To achieve this ends he proceeds to kill Alex (Mr. Powell's collaborator and Lara's relationship interest) in an attempt to get Lara to try and use the triangle to rescue him. Powell wants the power of the triangle for himself which he considers the power of God and begins trying to bargain with Lara. Using the eye's clock crystal Lara rejoins the two pieces.

They are instantly transported to a pyramid in a mythical location that supposedly existed long ago. Obviously space and time are very flexible when the triangle is active. Lara and Powell race to the top of the pyramid to retrieve the activated triangle. This part is a visually stunning rendering of what could be a dreamscape (a sort of mind space) or an actual location in some unknown place at an uninhabited time. The building is the same building that the original keepers of the "eye" built thousands of years ago.

After beating Powell to the eye, Powell falls into darkness. She then visits her father in a "crossing" where she questions her father. Mr. Croft insists that she destroy the triangle because it is not appropriate to "steal time itself". Returning to the previous scene all seems to be frozen in a single time space, where she alters an event in order to save Alex from the death which Mr. Powell wrought. After which she destroys the triangle causing the collapse of the room they are in, along with the planetarium. A final battle with Mr. Powell ensues while everyone flees the cave. Killing the last of Mr. Powell she returns home in victory.

The graphics are beautifully done and visually stunning during most of the movie. However, I am a bit disappointed in Lara. It seems as though the entire solar system, including Lara's birth which was somehow perfectly timed for the planetary alignment, was aiming for this event. The exciting thrill of it, as all the planets count down to a spectacular event which Lara, after going through so much to find the answer, simply throws out. By dashing it to pieces hence destroying the triangle to give up her new found powers over time and space. What?

Overall, I really like this movie's style, look and design. For the most part the story line is interesting with ancient artifacts hidden in space and time. The players are also very interesting in the depiction, and the visual displays are lush, appealing and exciting. One thing the story does seem to say, the old guys with the power may have overused it (Mr. Croft's opinion), but were most certainly real powers. I look forward to Tomb Raider 3, but I am not sure of a Tomb Raider without Angelina Jolie. In this movie Jolie really looks hot...really hot with excellent looks. Probably one of her best looks ever. She seems to fit in with the ancient Egyptians look and style with ease in a neo sort of way.

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