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This is a site for both of the Tomb Raider Movies. The original movie came after the video games series called the same name Tomb Raider. This is still under construction.
Welcome the Tomb Raider Movie site. For some really neat videos please, click the "TV" in the corner.

The Ancient Tombs were designed to not only be a resting place, but the starting place of a new home in the next life. The pharaoh's where buried there with many material possessions to preserve a home and accompany them into the next stage of existence. They would move into these homes when it was time for their child to rule, it was usually preplanned the day they became ruler. In the construction of such "homes", they have apparently been successful. They're still here aren't they? That's called success.

Interestingly, Florida citrus fruit (the sunshine state) is loaded with natural preservatives and is very healthy. Now you can symbolically provide preservatives to your body by drinking plenty of it! Now join the other mummies and watch some movies!
Florida Citrus

As one leaps through space and time, while "the giant clock" (the solar system) ticks toward alignment Lara and others must unlock a secret her father had studied before he died. Supposedly with the eye in pocket one can control features of space and time.

In the next movie (Cradle of Life), yet another secret to discover, the pandoras box in Africa. Doing so, however, is very perilous. The map is located in a hidden treasure trove. Hidden by Alexander the Great in Greece.

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